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Jul 9, 2014

a pretty pearl paper pajaki...

hello again dear hearts! 
my ~ 
but it has been a few days since my last posting!!

I hope your summer has been filled with many beautiful days
just full of happy activities 
as mine has been :)

last week, in a few spare moments
I created a pajaki...

Have you ever heard of them?!
Polish paper chandeliers??

I hadn't until I spied a most lovely one
over at Fete et Fleur's blog
I simply feel head over heels in love with the concept
and was inspired to make one too!

There are many "diy" tutorials on these
traditionally, they were made from straws and pieces of colored scrap paper
but I wished to make mine using pearl white paper
I don't believe that there is any one way to string them

simply gather up a few pretty paper things and have fun!

I used pearl tissue paper and made flower poms
 and paper punched circles out
of a pearl tissue sheet treated with wax paper
so when I sewed them together 
they would resemble illuminated capiz shells!

I looked for plain pearl straws
and would have even settled for plain white ones
 that I would have pearled myself


I used these silver and white paper straws instead, 
incorporating tiny paper rose flowers between each straw section
for even more whimsy!

these pretty paper chandeliers could be used for parties ~
How lovely would a few strung over a food table be with a few twinkle lights?!!

a baby mobile in a nursery?!?
I added a paper swan silhouette cutout
but you could use any shape you adore!

there are so many inspiring things in blog land!
and don't even get me started on pinterest!!

but how awesome is the ripple effect??
When we share the pretties we make for our homes
that bring a smile or a happy thought to our hearts 
that will perhaps in turn,
 inspire someone else's heart too!! 

I wish you all
 many lovely moments
living authentic, joyful days!

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here's to pretty paper pajaki's!

Jun 6, 2014

...a place to listen to the whispers of your heart...

in this hurry up world,
 there are a few of you like me...

you desire a little place of our own to decompress
...to regroup

most mornings,
you would find me in such a space.

until the beginning of this year,
this space never existed...

I desired somewhere quiet
where i could meditate and practice yoga.

I pondered a bit 
and decided what better area, than in the place I create?!
so a wall was cleared and I began designing
a place for stillness...

I wanted a mural of something that I was inspired by,
so naturally I chose ~ the sea

 I began there. with that mural
and found a place that will turn your photos into a

I loved the concept of sitting there,
the window open
a slight breeze flowing
and the fabric moving ever so slightly like the rippling of a wave...

I used those brilliant little removable wall hooks
to attach it to the wall,
as we are in a rental and that's a lot of holes to fill : )
next came the rug.
I am still seeking a soft, silk/wool rug that delights my heart
but for now,
this grey one will do.

every meditation room will be different
the important key is simply using what you love
and choosing things that evoke a calm beauty for your soul...

in my space,
you will find these white silk and sequin pillows
as I am a tactile person and yearn for lovely things to the touch
as well as to my eye,
and  intoxicating soy candles...
for flames that dance as they flicker

...a lotus flower fountain 
for a subdued, tranquil sound of flowing water

a lovely white orchid,
as a reminder to stand tall and elegant
no matter the conditions surrounding me...

to which I have placed within a beloved giant shell,
filled with white sand
with a few treasures tucked in 
that have a special meaning to me...

I also added a curly willow branch
 from a tree we planted on my mother's property when my son was 5 years old.
he is now 21, and that tree is tall and mighty indeed!
just like my son :)

filling my space 
with elements that have a special pull
 on my heart and on my soul...

I adore a little sparkle
so I strung crystals upon my overhead branch
along with a few white sparkly starfish and white silk lotus flowers...

and there you have it!
a place where I can listen to the whispers of my heart...

perhaps you will be inspired to design a little quiet space
 for yourself in your home too!
using your pretties and secret treasures
to simply ~ just be ~

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here's to those quiet spaces of stillness!

May 15, 2014

a random post of pretty floral blooms and organizing...

...hello again!
spring has
sprung here!
and everything is blooming:)
including the furniture
nah, not really
but I did create this floral blanket for my mom's pretty cottage!
each bloom was meticulously hand cut out
 and sewn to a throw blanket and two heart shaped pillows...
I adore how it turned out
and LOVE how it looks in her bella pink room!
I also made her a paper rose sculpture
but this time ~
I added lights!
she hung this in her bedroom,
and in the evenings,
she can turn it on with a light remote!
so just before she dozes off to dream land
 she can simply "click" them off!
or not!
they are sooooo romantic,
wouldn't you agree?!?
~ sigh ~
now I think I shall have to make another sculpture that lights up...
 for me!!
switching gears here,
a little random I realize...
but I wanted to share this solution
 for organizing jewelry
I have l - o - n - g
 been trying to figure out a way to display my jewelry
I have never liked my pretties in a box
as I like to see them ~
in the daylight!
this is the solution that I came up with...
a jewelry station of sorts :)
I used a shadow box for my earrings...
perfect for displaying and keeping them in one location ~
paired together.
no more lost earrings!
for my necklaces.
I wanted them all to hang nicely
as in,
NO tangled balls of mess!!
so I found these 2" binder rings
that can easily be snapped open and closed...

and suspended them on a café rod!
now I can easily see what lovely adornment I wish to wear!
and for my bracelets, I used a pretty covered cork board.
I tucked all of this behind my master bathroom door
on the wall.
so if you have a little space
and wish to display your pretty adornments
I hope this inspires you!
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...here's to spring!


Apr 18, 2014

...a weeping jasmine tree and my Passover table

...hello my dears!
my, but it has been a few weeks since my last post!!

i have been deep in meditation
and practicing yoga

 it has been an amazing first few months
and i find myself asking ~
why haven't i been practicing this physical art form all along?!
 but more on that in a later post! 

as for today ~
i like to share with you,
 my weeping jasmine tree
 Easter/Passover table :)

i have been seeking elements for my mediation room

i simply adore jasmine
and wished for a silk jasmine tree for that space
 but as you may have already guessed

ah, yah no!
NONE to be found!!

as you may also have surmised
that never stops me!
what i can't lay my hands on,
i simply create...

in the above photo,
 you can see i already had the structure for my weeping jasmine
in that weeping cherry tree.

it was as simple as swapping out the cherry blossoms
with these pretty jasmine flower ones,
 replacing hundreds of buds...

slowly, my weeping jasmine began to bloom!!

whew! almost there!!

my finished weeping jasmine tree!

i placed it in a lovely pot
added a sheet of moss,
of course,
scented it with jasmine essential oil... 

i ~ LOVE ~ how it turned out!!
don't you?!?

here is my (almost set) Easter/Passover table...

i say almost set,
as i have yet to place the silverware on :)

i removed the chair covers for a different look
and redesigned my window dressing.
they are made from a satin wedding dress!!

i wanted an elegant tablescape
so i chose to use lilies, crystal and white plates... 

i enjoy the preceding days before Holy Sunday,
taking my time to iron my tablecloth and linen napkins,
lovingly placing each setting
anticipation a day of blessed fellowship with my dear loved ones...

on top on the plates
i placed a little of iridescent shreds
and added a white chocolate cross and lamb
and an iridescent cellophane bag of jordan almonds...  

i made a tray of them for favors...
my kitchen has smelled like willy wonka's chocolate factory all week!!

when the sun is shining,
this room glows...

a few of you may remember my topiary lambie from
this post ~

this year, i adorned her head with a crown of lily of the valley florets
and placed a crystal cross beside her...
simple elegance

oh and look! there is the weeping jasmine tree :)

and a plate of lemon lamb cookies
 with little bells and crosses tied around their necks!
these have been a tradition in our family from when i was a little girl...

would you like one?!?

 wishing all of you a most blessed time
with your loved ones this Holy Sunday!!


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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, 
that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16
New International Version (NIV)


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